The Best Car Tracking Companies in South Africa

The Best Car Tracking Companies in South Africa

When it comes to your safety, once you get in the car, you must make sure you have the best car tracking system accompanying you on your trips. You will not only be able to track your vehicles, but you will enjoy different features and tools you did not know you could have in your car.

This is why we have created a list of the best car tracking companies in South Africa. But, before you meet the different tracking companies in the market, get to know a little bit more about the benefits of having a car tracker of your own!


Benefits of Hiring Car Tracking

  • Keep Your Car Safe… But Also Keep You Safe!

The main goal of vehicle tracking systems is to reduce traffic accidents. Your family or the business you work for will always want to know you are safe when you hit the road. This is why these kinds of software are made to prevent all types of obstacles. Stay away from thefts and hijacks, but also traffic jams and road constructions.

When you hire a car tracking company, you will not only leave your car in the best hands. You will also be taking care of yourself and your family, and perhaps the merchandise you are transporting in your vehicle.

There are five ways vehicle tracking can improve safety. Would you like to know more about it? Click the following link:

  • Put Aside Those ‘Where Are You?’ Calls

Once you are safe and sound with your vehicle tracking system, your phone will not distract you with unnecessary calls. As explained before, your family or your boss will want to see where you are. Perhaps they would like to know why it is taking so much for you to arrive or simply know where your current location is.

Car tracking technology will allow your relatives and coworkers to know your exact position as these systems feature a minute-to-minute GPS location. They will perhaps be worrying about your safety too. But do not worry! These systems can also inform you if you are speeding and assist you if you have an accident on your way.

Any changes in routes or deliveries? Get comfortable in your seat and say goodbye to those ‘where are you?’ calls. Step into a world full of high technology, adequate positioning systems, and valuable safety protocols.

  • Reduced Costs on Insurance

For those running a business and having an entire fleet for their companies, you can get a discount on insurance costs for your vehicles that are packed with car tracking systems. And there is no wonder why most companies are now welcoming the potential of this software. With exact location positioning, speeding limit alerts, accident assessment, and efficient protection from thefts, you will not only be safe in your car. Rest assured that your wallet will appreciate the gesture too.

Insurance companies value those businesses that hire car tracking companies as it provides more data about your vehicles, thus facilitating security. This is why you need to take a step further into comfort and safety and make your choice among the best car tracking companies in South Africa.

  • Efficient Vehicle Recovery and Theft Prevention

Everyone is looking forward to being safe and far away from accidents, especially on the road. Your car is not only your way of transport, but it can also be your personal space or your working place. In any case, you have the opportunity to protect, manage, and supervise your car. You just have to welcome a new way of technology and acquire the best protection software for your vehicles.

Thanks to today’s car tracking companies, we assure you that your ride will be secured. Whenever a suspicious behavior takes place close to you, your vehicle will alert you by sending you a notification. And in case your vehicle is stolen, your GPS tracking device will tell you the exact position your car is sitting.

Are they not outstanding features? What are you waiting for? If you would like to know how a GPS car tracker works, read the next article:

  • Make the Reporting Process Easier

And what about those logs? What are they for, to be precise? Once you hire a car tracking company, you will have the facility to know all the information about your car and the journey you have traveled with it. Expect to have reports like mileage, speeding, total driving hours, and more.

And if you are looking forward to efficient fleet business management, this is the perfect feature. All this information and more, on a real-time basis, will be handed to you by just pressing a button. Car tracking devices will facilitate your day and help you with the administration process.

There is an article about electronic logs and the importance of vehicle tracking if you would like to know more about the subject. Are you ready to pick one of the best car tracking companies in South Africa? Keep reading and find out about the most popular options you have in hand.

Which Car Tracker Is Right for Me?

  • Ctrack

Among the best car tracking companies in South Africa, you will meet Ctrack, which is a leading vehicle tracking system highly famous in the world. And this is because Ctrack will offer you a wide range of features and tools that will make your experience of securing your car a better one.

Among these features and tools, you will find endless ways to feel safe. You will have in hand motion sensors for suspicious behaviors, panic alarms, anti-theft protection, battery back-up, GPS/tracking maps, and even trip reporting! Ctrack will provide you with full visibility of your fleet, so you drive safely in your path.

Has Ctrack called your attention? Find out a little bit more about the features and benefits it has in the following link:

  • Tracker

Whether you are a car owner or you have on your command an entire fleet for your business, we assure you that Tracker is one of the best car tracking systems for you. The goal of this company is to get you to your destination most smartly and safely.

This car tracking system will not only help you with location-based tracking and theft recovery. You will also be equipped with all kinds of features and services, such as data reporting, web access, license and service reminders, accident assistance, and expenses logging. Keep your journey secured and brilliant with Tracker!

Wondering which tracking service is the most suitable for you? Discover your best option right here on Tracker’s website! Do not miss the following link:

  • Matrix

Matrix is well-known among the best car tracking companies in South Africa, and this is due to all the essential services they have to offer. Keep in mind that the features it provides are specially designed according to your preferences and needs. If you are looking for safety and security but also for road guidance and gratifying tools, opt for Matrix’s packages!

As said before, it is not only about security for your car with this tracking system. In your vehicle space, you will have the chance to have in hand accessories and equipment such as the mobile app, panic remote, internet tracking, geo-fencing, road alerts, medical assistance, and more.

Do not leave yet! Did you know that Matrix offers different tracking devices? Read about them here:

  • Netstar

There is another fantastic car tracking company that you need to check out, and it is called Netstar. This is a company you can rely on to protect yourself, your family,  employees, and merchandise. If you are looking for a peaceful mind regarding your car’s or fleet’s safety, we recommend you meet Netstar.

Whether it is for personal purposes, for your business, or for commerce, this car tracking company will give you everything you need to be comfortable and secured. Theft recovery, impact detection, panic remote, tax logbook, vehicle alerts... There is so much more to have for your life on the road.

Head to Netstar’s homepage and learn more about what they have to offer you and your vehicle:

  • Beame

Last but not least, as part of the menu of the best car tracking companies in South Africa, there is Beame. This company gives you the option of keeping your vehicles safe with the latest wireless technology. And perhaps you would like to know that Beame is famous for its high stolen vehicle recovery rates! Interesting, right?

While on the move, you will have available different tools and services such as live tracking, stolen vehicle recovery, and mobile app, but also assistance on accidents, potholes, and licensing… and even on bails!

Do not miss the following link and learn more about Beame’s way of protection:

Have we convinced you yet to get a car tracking device for your fleet? We assure you it is the best option you will have for you, your family, and your business.

So choose among the best car tracking companies in South Africa, and allow yourself to feel calm, secured, and peaceful when you leave home or the office. Having a car tracking system of your own will be an investment you will never regret!

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